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Now You Can Have Your Own Business Card App in Minutes and begin emailing to your contacts to instantly install on their phones!

We can develop a custom iCard app for your business. The iCard can be used on all mobile platforms, where a native app can not. The iCard apps are not listed in the GooglePlay or iTunes app stores. iCards are much more versatile and creates a bigger market. You can place your iCard web link on your website, social pages, email or text the link.

Native Functionality

Progressive Mobile Apps look and act the same as iOS & Android mobile apps without the added friction of downloads and costs.

What If?

  • You could share your information in 2- minutes with each person you encounter.
  •  You could communicate 100 times more information to potential customers than a normal business-card with a simple SMS.
  •  You had a custom short URL where each employee could have for their own card.

Why get an  iCard ?

Digital business card that changes the way people communicate.

Why sacrifice choice?. iCard apps deliver a better user experience across all platforms.  One download works on all devices.  Many clients use multiple devices to receive information. We remove the annoying and redundant interactions required to juggle the personal ecosystems we rely on every day.

Stand out and drive more traffic to your social channels. Convey a consistent message to all of your customers and prospects. A digital business card to assist you in managing your large personal network smartly


Adding your personal iCard app on a clients or prospects phone boosts conversions, repeat business and promotion. The iCard is your own personal app that grows your online presence.


Can be added to your home screen

Opens up full screen without the browser just like an app

Uses an app-shell model to provide app-style navigation and interactions


iCard is a low cost, yet powerful  interactive, digital business card that changes the way people communicate.  iCard works on Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Computers.

About Us

Here visitors can get to know your company. You can provide detail information about the companies history, its vision, services and products offered. It’s also a great section to list staff member profiles.

Contact Us

The Contact tab is one of the most essential tab in an icard. It has general information like corporate location, website URL, contact info (phone & email), and operating hours.

App Sharing

The Share app tab is a great marketing tool that works on word of mouth. You place the sharing power in your clients’ hands, allowing them share your icard app with others in just a few short clicks.

Push Notifications

Send push-messages to your members at anytime with our icard app. The messages can contain text, links and attached pdf. files. In additon, you can use “GEO” fences or target the messages to a specific address.

Social Media

Social media networks are huge! We can integrate several social networks into your iCard app. Our most common app integrations are Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Let us take your company social.


You can create multiple mailing-list within your iCard app to send out monthly newsletters. Our system allows your company to integrate with several existing mailing platforms like Constant Contact and others.


Our Story

We were all sitting around trying to come up with a low costs app that would allow small business owners to compete with larger more funded Companies. The average small business owner on a budget did not have the ability to hire IT professionals or outsource the creation of a full blown Mobile App. We asked ourselves the question? How can we provide a business card, mobile app and a web site for a low cost but have the power and flexibility to fulfill the needs of these entrepreneurs. We took the best features of the business card, the mobile app and a website and combined it into one product that we call iCard. We hope that you enjoy using this new technology, and we are excited to hear from you on how we can expand it and bring more functionality to it.

Customer Testimonial


We work with you to customize each screen on your app to highlight your business and services offered.